National Organization Strategy (TNC)

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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.


As the PAC is the lowest reach for a formal organization, we should take care that it is not the only thing that we strive to achieve. To that end this draft strategy outlines the tentative steps and techniques to build a national party network as the foundation of the organization. The network should consist of both volunteers with free time to give and those who might only have occasional time to give to the organization.

State Network Selection Methodology:

  • Initial selection should initially form tentative state officers based on the first people to volunteer for official roles.
    • The state officers are all interim until the initial sign up period has expired.
    • When a state has gathered more than 3 volunteers for official roles then the state officer roles will go to a local vote among the gethered volunteers list.
    • If a given state only has 2 volunteers for official roles then the national board will ask for introductory letters and assign a vote among other volunteers (if they exist) or vote for assignment at the national level if there is not a quorum among all state volunteers.
  • Volunteers should be recorded in a CRM with minimal information collection necessary to contact and understand their ability to help.
    • Additional information can be collected in surveys and fundraising after initial networking commitments are made.
    • CRM/CMS access should be given to volunteer officers so they can manage their own state networks.
    • Sign Up with the CMS systems should be a requirement to comment or post on these systems and may entail the collection of additional information not originally included in the networking sign up.

County Network Selection Methodology: Same as state, national governance supersedes local governance for this methodology.