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Oblivion is a postcyberpunk-like, post-apocalyptic science fiction film released in 2013, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, that is set on a future Earth.[1]


In 2077, sixty years after a war with extraterrestrials that devastated Earth in 2017, humanity has relocated to Saturn's moon Titan via a giant space station called the Tet. Gigantic offshore fusion energy generators drain Earth's oceans to power the colonies on Titan.

Futurist ideas

As such there are many popular sci-fi tropes and cliches such as:

  • Alien invasion, by AI-based aliens for a change
  • Post-apocalyptic earth with requisite plucky rebels
  • Posthuman astronauts
  • Mind wiping
  • Human cloning, including obligatory clone vs clone fight to the death
  • Suspended animation

The main innovation to the genre is the heavy use of automation:

  • Massive giga factories are refining the earth's seas into deuterium fuel
  • Relatively smart flying armed drones assess and wipe out threats to the operation
  • The drone maintenance man is automated via cloning and brain washing
  • The drone maintenance man's wife is automated via brain washing and central orders from the AI

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