October 2016 Longevity Month competition

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Longevity Month

October 2016 was Longevity Month and H+Pedia is launched its first ever competition to promote the development of longevity and life extension related articles.

Prizes of $500 were on offer thanks to the generous sponsorship of Humanity+ across of a range of areas including mapping organisations, technologies, adding media,biographies and more.

Why not check out the article creation backlog and edit your first article today?

Funding for prize competitions

Supporters of H+Pedia are encouraged to provide donations to boost the fund of prizes available.

These donations can be made via a dedicated PayPal interface. The interface enables supporters to indicate any special considerations about specific donations, such as the type of prize they wish to enable.

Criteria for contributions to merit prizes

Prizes can be awarded for a variety of different kinds of contributions, including:

Prize Prize area Comments
$50 Best biography page(s) Provide an exceptional biography of biographies for influential persons relevant to H+.
$50 Technology page(s) Provide information about an emerging or hypothetical in a accessible technology that is relevant and accessible for H+ readers
$50 Philosophy or advocacy resources Write up either about a specialised stream of thought in H+, or create a resource about how any aspect of H+ can be more effectively used as as advocacy resource
$50 Organisational pages Write up in detail one or more transhumanist organisation to a high standard
$50 Media pages (e.g. book or tv/film) Develop a page or pages within the arts, such as visual arts, video games, film and TV or books
$50 Improvements to existing pages Take an existing page or pages which is significantly under developed and bring it into a far superior state
$50 Royalty-free or fair use media submissions and integration Find image resources that are appropriately in the public domain so that they be used on H+Pedia. Add them into suitable pages in a relevant and aesthetically pleasing fashion. You could even contribute your own art!
$50 Other outstanding contributions A discretionary award for an individual who excels a specific area not explicitly mentioned above
$100 Being the "MVP" (most valuable person) For a person who contributes significantly to the project perhaps across all the areas above without focusing on a single area

Contributions are more likely to be awarded prizes if they observe the H+Pedia principles.

Longevity Day/Month prize competition

Thanks to financial sponsorship from Humanity+, an H+Pedia prize competition is being held in conjunction with Longevity Day and Month in 2016.

The initial prize fund for this competition is US$ 500.

Prizes will be awarded in line with the general criteria given above, for contributions that improve H+Pedia coverage of longevity from a transhumanist point of view.

Contributions submitted to H+Pedia from 1st September to 24th October can be taken into consideration for prizes. Prizes will be announced by the end of October.

To enter this contest, H+Pedia authors should send an email to info@hpluspedia.org, listing the contributions they wish to have considered - either entire pages, or specific updates to given pages.


Judges for the Longevity Day/Month prize competition include:

Judges Areas being assessed
H+Pedia administrators Conformance to H+Pedia principles
Ilia Stambler Factual accuracy, from a longevity point of view
A subset of Humanity+ board members Transhumanist perspective

Winning Submissions

Chad The Humanoid-Goatman won 'other outstanding contribution' for the range of areas he's developed over the last year.

User TranshumanTees created a huge amount of quality entries, listed below, and won the MVP prize as a result:

Biography page(s)

The first three listed are probably the best ones:

Technology page(s)

Philosophy or advocacy resources

Organisational pages

Media pages

Improvements to existing pages:

In regards to photos and royalty free submissions, I helped create this page: H+Pedia:Stock Photo Sources

Other contributions:

I've also created multiple pages that were otherwise blank throughout the site where I felt I could add at least something to get the pages started. Some of these include: