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This is a Transhuman National Committee document – not an encyclopaedia article. Please do not edit it without special permission.

General Guidelines 1. Public TNC forums are open to all users regardless of membership or other status to any group, creed or nationality. Further there will be no rules limiting public forums in terms of membership to other groups, creeds or nationality.

2. All posts require admin approval.

3. Posts must be related to TNC politics or transhumanism even if only lightly connected with either they should be connected with both.

4. Discussions even on politics should be science or logic based as well as fact based where opinions are noted as such.

5. Hijacking, pseudoscience, derailing threads or other esoteric based posts is not allowed.

6. No rants or crusades (unless approved by TNC Board). Rants defined as: "A rant is an argument that is fueled by passion, not shaped by facts" (see

7. No Porn or adverts (subject to immediate deletion (hiding) and banning)

8. Users are not allowed to ‘swear’ or use verbiage that shows emotionally biased language. The TNC open forum need's to keep language as open and clean and even as possible for the widest possible demographic including children where we are respectful in all cases. Discussions should be rational and respectful. Dissecting ideas and opinions is allowed. Attacking persons or descending into mere denigration is not.

9. Users that use false identities or anonymous accounts for any reason only require 1 warning before administrative action can occur against false or anonymous accounts if such accounts are used to disrupt the forum.

10. Any content that is recruiting, asking for money, adverts or the like require TNC Executive Board approval.

11. Content posting limits to the forum rules: non TNC business related posts are limited to 1 top-level post per day or 2 top-level posts in 3 days. Administrative guidelines for content include that top-level posts should be related to Transhumanist thought and Politics or the application of policy as well as the United States.

12. Any two users removed or banned and re-added repetitively totaling 3 violations related to each other, involving each other are required to block each other as part of re-admitting them to the open forum the forth or more time(s).

Administrator Guidelines 1. An Administrative Director will be selected by the TNC Executive Board by appointment and cannot be TNC officers.

2. The Administrative Director will select other admins as needed unless directed otherwise in a case by case basis by the TNC Board.

3. The approval of new members for the group is left to the individual admin's discretion given guides as directed by the Administrative Director. Any spammers should be removed and blocked.

4. Admins and TNC officers are expected to not post content that is not directly related to the TNC or politics w/o TNC Board approval of that content.

5. IF an admin is attacked verbally in a given forum it is the duty of other Admins to deal with the offender with the supervision of the administrative director. If any participant in the group is attacked as a person it is the duty of the admins to stop this behavior as soon as possible.

6. Admins are expected to use a neutral voice in defense or other discussion with offenders if a correction or corrective comment is required publicly to correct false facts or accusations by others.

7. Admins are expected to be non partisan.

8. All other decisions will by the administrative director within the limits of these guidelines. Changes outside these guidelines must be approved by the Executive Board of the TNC. Discussions and votes may be held in the admin's group which will include TNC officers. The creator of the group and the original admins have no special standing other that what knowledge they may bring to discussions. Disagreements among admins should be handled by message, with at least two other admins included in the exchange, or in the admin's group. No administrators are to be removed except by the administrative director or as directed by the TNC Board.

9. If a post and its comments are suspected of being harmful to the harmony of the group, administrators must hide the post and requests no further comment, so they may stay hidden. That request for no more comments will be phrased, "This is a formal warning, please make no further comments in this thread. If you wish to discuss the matter, please send me a message." By hiding the post instead of deleting it, the evidence of what was written will still exist, but it will no longer poison the group. This has the added advantage of allowing the un-hiding of the posts if it is determined they were hidden erroneously.

10. Sensitive matters should immediately be handled by private message when possible, with at least two other admins included in the exchange and/or the administrative director. A friendly public reminder for less sensitive issues may be followed by a friendly private message reminder if polite public notice does not suffice, then a sterner private reminder if that fails, and as a last resort, a formal public warning. David J Kelley has volunteered to be included in those official private messages that require multiple admins which must include the administrative director and other admins may be added as directed by the administrative director.

[Adopted by Interim Board 12/1/02015] [Updated General Guidelines 12/22/02015]