Opposition to genetically modified food

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Opposition to genetical modified food or anti-GMO is a position of opposing or questioning biotechnological developments in genetic engineering towards most forms of food stuffs.


Support for this positions comes from various political positions, but most specifically neo-luddists, dark green environmentalists and those of a technoconservative persuasion. Anti-intellectual property advocates also express concerns about the dangers of gene patenting and supply chain control made possible through these new technologies.

Grass roots opposition often manifests in distrust of biotech corporations, even sometimes leading to direct action, citing the possible dangers to both the environment and human consumption through the unchecked proliferation of such technologies.[1]


Whilst many concerns are founded from genuine economic concerns, rhetoric around consumption safety and "Frankenfoods" tends to be less intellectually honest.[2] Satircal news reports have circulated about 'deaths from GMOs' which have often been taken at face value.[3]

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