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Founded in 2009 the Pirate Party UK (often abbreviated PPUK; in Welsh: Plaid Môr-leidr DU) is a political party in the United Kingdom that defines itself as being a Radical centre party. The Pirate Party's core policies are to bring about reform to copyright and patent laws, support privacy and reduce surveillance from government and businesses, and guarantee genuine freedom of speech for everyone.

They currently have one representative in government, Cllr David A Elston, who is a Community Councillor for the ward of Flemingston and Eglwys Brewis on the St Athan Community Council.[1]

Flagship policies are:

  • The reform of Copyright and Patent Laws
  • The protection of our Right to Privacy
  • The protection of our Right to Freedom of Speech

The party typically has polled between 0.2%-5.2%.

They have an established approach to new technology; that it is good and should not to be clamped down and feared but instead embraced and utilised. However new technology's intended use should be to improve the standard of living for the individual and not to increase the power of the state over the individual.

Example policies to this end:

  • Make mobile phone carrier locking illegal
  • Government systems must be hosted internally
  • Guarantee basic broadband internet connection
  • Oppose IP Bill/IP Act
  • Unbundle Technology
  • Implement the Open Source Action Plan
  • Expand the Open Government License
  • Fix DE Bill
  • Prevent restarting the clock on copyright
  • Achieve significant copyright reform
  • Provided public wifi

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