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Rage, rage, against the dying of the light. - Dylan Thomas

A poem originally written when Dylan's father began to go blind. Those famous words have been adopted by some longevity advocates in regards to the process of aging and also by some Transhumanism advocates who have taken the term "light" as a reference to death or mortality.

A poem by Transhuman Tees

It's a natural process,

They say getting old

As if it is something

Either noble or bold

When your hip is stiff

You need a cane to walk

Your ears are now useless

Can't hear anyone talk

Tell me a reason

And tell me why

When I think of that coming

That I shouldn't cry

Who wants that for themselves?

Who wants that for others?

Your parents

Your children

Your sisters

Your brothers

They say I fear death

But that is a lie

I don't want to get old

If you do, tell me why.