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Postcyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction related closely to cyberpunk.

Difference between Postcyberpunk and Cyberpunk

Postcyberpunk is intended to; "present a more optimistic and more realistic vision. Where Cyberpunk is anti-corporate and anti-government, Post-Cyberpunk is willing to give both parties redeeming features." [1]

Examples of classified, confirmed or claimed references to Postcyberpunk in fiction

Postcyberpunk Film and TV

Some Movies and TV shows that could be classified as Postcyberpunk are listed below:

  • Ghost in the Shell - The original movie is mostly Cyberpunk with Postcyberpunk elements in some parts. Later movies, and especially anime series; Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (SAC) are more (if not all downright) Postcyberpunk.
  • Transcendence - Has some Postcyberpunk elements, while also mixing elements from various other genres.

Postcyberpunk video games

  • Portal series - While Half-Life has used both Biopunk and Cyberpunk elements in gameplay, Portal the official and canonical spinoff series contains more Postcyberpunk aesthetics and elements including its depiction of technology and the enemies of the first game.

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