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Pure Genius is a 2016 Medical Drama TV series with science fiction elements that premiered on CBS.


After administering a non FDA approved drug to a cancer patient who later dies, Dr Wallace is discharged. Six months after his dismissal, Wallace meets Tech Billionaire James Bell, a man who made a fortune building apps who has now entered health care. After learning he had a gene for the rare disease GSS, he created the Bunkerhill centre for the advancement of medicine. The facility is very future focused, aiming to advance medical technology and provides care at no cost to the patient.

Future tech

The series features a heavy emphasis on the use of near, future, and hypothetical technologies, some of these include:

  • Glass tablet computers in various forms, ranging from see-through glass iPad style tablets to an X-ray tablet that functions as an ultrasound device to check on a woman's pregnancy.
  • Finger print blood tests
  • Each room at the medical center has a computerised wall described as "mission control for every patient".
  • The ehub. A central control room that keeps track of various patients using other monitoring devices.
  • Flexible adhesive computers.
  • Supercomputer pills (a "fetal monitoring adjustable" is used in the first episode).
  • Brain to Brain communication.
  • Soft tissue 3D Printing.

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