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'Radical Life Extension' by Charlie Kam

Radical life extension is taking the existing basic idea of life extension or longevity and differentiates itself by including new, emerging and hypothetical applications to work towards a theoretically indefinite lifespan.


The term appears to be used as far back as 1980[1] in a medical journal and 1983 in a Ford Foundation publication.[2] The early 90's internet features mentions on the CryoNet mailing lists.[3] 2002 saw mention on the Foresight Institute mailing lists,[4] and in 2003 on the Longevity Meme list.[5]

More recently the term has greatly risen in popularity since the early 2010's along in the boom in biotech and anti-aging research[6] to the point that in 2015 the now influential Coalition for Radical Life Extension chose to use the name.

Ilia Stambler describes radical life extension as "far beyond the present life expectancy" – specifically, more than 120 years.[7]

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