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Dawkins at Cooper Union, New York City (2010)

Richard Dawkins is a prominent evolutionary biologist and atheist.

As of 2009, he appears he believes the singularity is possible but may be slow to take off. [1]

In 2011 he spoke of the "arrogance of immortality", suggesting that life extension advocacy must necessarily be mixed with addressing overpopulation considerations.[2]

In 2013 he said on "What do you think of Humanistic Religions and Transhumanism?":[3]

There's nothing in principle impossible about extending the human life span for a very long time. Whether it's a good thing to do would be another matter, there would be ethical concerns about whether, if the present generation discovers how to live forever - now that means that there's no more reproduction - there better not be any more reproduction or y'know, the world will just become full of solid human flesh. So that particular ethical consideration would have to be taken care of. There's also the personal consideration, I'd quite like to live a bit longer than I'm going to, but somehow going on for millions of years, it'd probably get a bit boring

It is possible his stance has softened by 2016 due to his more recent publishing support towards Zoltan Istvan.[4]

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