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SENS Research Foundation

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The SENS Research Foundation (often shortened to SENS) is a UK and US research foundation exploring life extension and anti ageing technologies.

It was launched in March 2009, evolving from the Methuselah Foundation. Founded by Aubrey de Grey, Jeff Hall, Michael Kope, Sarah Marr and Kevin Perrott.

SENS itself stands for strategies for engineered negligible senescence.


  • OncoSENS, a project to 'Control ALT Delete Cancer' funded through the Lifespan.io platform.[1][2][3]
  • MitoSENS a project to research mitigations mitochondrial mutations[4]
  • LysoSENS
  • AmyloSENS
  • RepleniSENS
  • ApoptoSENS
  • GlycoSENS
  • Project 21, a project to encourage human clinical trials into ageing research[5]

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