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Sam de Brouwer, cofounder Scanadu, Cofounder and COO,
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Sam de Brouwer on Digital Health
Interview with founders Walter and Sam De Brouwer at Decentralized AI Summit

Sam de Brouwer is cofounder and chief operating officer at, a blockchain-based AI platform that brings together quantified biology and personalized healthcare. Together with Starlab cofounder and Internet entrepreneur Walter de Brouwer, she served as cofounder and vice president of communications at Scanadu, a mobile “tricorder” medical device diagnostic and CE-marked one-minute urine test using a smart phone, machine learning and the cloud.


In Europe, de Brouwer started one of the first successful employment websites, Jobscape, which later merged to become Stepstone, going public on the London Stock Exchange. In 1996, she helped Walter de Brouwer and Nick Negroponte establish Deep Future, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab, which specialized in blue sky research with the potential to create a profound and positive impact on the future of humanity.[1][2][3]

Together with Walter de Brouwer, Sam served as director of advocacy for the European branch of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation, securing funding for the deployment of laptops and training for more than 50,000 children in more than ten countries such as Rwanda, Paraguay, Peru, Nepal, Madagascar and Tanzania.

De Brouwer is a member of TED. She organized TEDxBrussels from 2009–2014 and has organized TEDxSan Francisco since 2016.

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