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The End of Aging - Won first prize for the Longevity Film Competition 2018[1]
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Science Technology & the Future is a Conference Organisation in Melbourne Australia and YouTube Channel managed by Adam Ford. Breakthrough insights in science, technology & the future; philosophy & moral progress; artificial intelligence/robotics, biotechnology. In the near future we will have means to answer profound questions that, a few years ago, were deemed simply too complex to tackle.[2]

Previous Conferences

Singularity Summit Australia
  • Singularity Summit Australia 2010 – The first Singularity Summit held outside the USA
  • Singularity Summit Australia 2011
  • Singularity Summit Australia 2012 – Speakers included: Lawrence Krauss, David Chalmers, Ben Goertzel, Steve Omohundro and more
Humanity+ @Melbourne
  • Humanity+ @Melbourne 2011 Speakers included: Hugo de Garis, etc
  • Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Speakers included: Aubrey de Grey, Stelarc, Natasha Vita-More
Science, Technology & the Future
  • Science, Technology & the Future 2013 Speakers included: David Pearce,
  • Science, Technology & the Future 2014 – Theme was on Philosophy of Science, speakers included: John Wilkins, Greg Restall & Kevin Korb[3]

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