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Atheistic transhumanism or anti-theistic transhumanism is the position that religion is such a major force for evil, as well as impediment to transhumanist technologies such as life extension, that it should be opposed fully.

As a more moderate position, Giovanni Santostasi has suggested:

Religion should remain a private endeavor for adults. An appropriate analogy of religion is that's it's kind of like porn--which means it's not something one would expose a child to.[1]

Individuals such as Luke Muehlhauser of Singularity University see transhumanism as an the next step in atheism.[2]

Zoltan Istvan

The major advocate of this position is Zoltan Istvan, reflected in his writings such as The Transhumanist Wager and positions such as suggesting it be made illegal to teach religion to children.[1] Such a position has placed him directly in opposition to Christian transhumanism.[3] In March 2015 he described himself as a "atheistcideist", believing super intelligence-like God may have existed at one point, but probably ended its own existence to give free will to the universe[4], he may still have an interest in spiritual transhumanism.[5]

Zoltan has asserted that the influence of religion can be blamed from deathism,[6] despite this view being shared by many humanists.

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