Social Futurism (Zero State)

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An expanded use of Social Futurism in the Zero State ARG Game:

Europa and Zeus

The story of Europa and Zeus is a Cretan tale which almost certainly predates classical Greek culture. In it, the King of Gods kidnaps a beautiful eastern princess while in the form of a white bull, subsequently seducing and impregnating her. Over time Europa came to refer to lands beyond Greece, and eventually to the entire continent which now bears the princess' name. Where Scylla and Charybdis are symbols of unwelcome but necessary choice, Europa and Zeus symbolise fruitful union arising from difference.

Within ZS, union is the essence of the Principles of Social Futurism, which act as a framework within which diverse but fundamentally like-minded communities and organizations may find ways to peacefully and productively coexist. This is the logic of a mature Anarchism, in which disparate communities are rendered sustainable and defensible while yet autonomous, because they are part of a larger cooperative system.

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