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Solarpunk is a relatively new eco-futurist, mixed genre speculative movement and subgenre focused on envisioning a positive future beyond scarcity and hierarchy, where humanity is reintegrated with nature and technology is used for human-centric and ecocentric purposes.[1]

The term solarpunk is generally credited to the user "missolivialouise" on the popular social blogging platform Tumblr in August 2014;[2][3] though it appears to have also been coined by several different people independently in the early 2010s. It is a literary, aesthetic, and artistic subgenre created in the wake of cyberpunk and its other derivatives biopunk and steampunk.[4]

Other aspects of Solarpunk include a semi-utopian setting, usually set Twenty Minutes Into the Future, Near/Far Future or rarely put unintentioned Far Past. Adding 'fantastic' elements like futuristic plastic flying ships used from solar sails/engine or probably genetic engineered "mythical" and human-animal hybird creatures as proposed examples as depends what story (that contain once again sci-fantasy or just any subgenre of fantasy) influnced from.

In contrast to Postcyberpunk, which saw the Cyberpunk movement and came to different conclusions. Postcyberpunk accepts the world we have and the systems that support it like globalization, industrialization, and exploiting resources in slightly-less-bad ways. Meanwhile, Solarpunk aims to subvert those systems and replace them with ones that work better in the long-term through local communities, supporting artisans, and living sustainably.

Solarpunk and Transhumanism

Enough there no real life connections between Solarpunk movement and transhumanism yet even in fiction is slowly seen transhuman idea itself and the movement in a positive light on fiction, There is a similar movement that shares ideas with Solarpunk called technogaianism. That supports ideas around geoengineering and genetic engineering to refined environment with very appeal by left-wing transhumanists.

Examples of classified confirmed or claimed references to Solarpunk in fiction

  • Overwatch takes place decades after Robot vs Human war named 'Omnic Crisis' or 'Omnic Uprising' which pretty had Cyberpunk atmosphere seen in Uprising Update. Present day in-game have locations like Numbai a Nigeran-like City that the aesthetics and environment of the city have this mind and even one of the main character that player controls Orisa (formerly OR15) have West African-style appearance after her new owner robotics prodigy Efi Oladele rebuilt and retool its appearance to be friendly.

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