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! <div class="table_header">Outreach</div>
== Outreach ==
H+Pedia is keen to continue to develop recognition by the entire [[transhumanist community]] as the definitive factual reference point, with reciprocal endorsements of missions where possible.
* Promote any [[October 2016 Longevity Month competition|active competitions]] across the internet
* Talk with people who have a [[List of YouTube channels and podcasts|YouTube or podcast]] about featuring H+Pedia or H+Pedia content
|-! <div class== "table_header">Reviews ==</div>|-|
We aim to review all media of relevance and entertainment for transhumanists and featuring transhumanist themes. To this end you can write reviews and summaries of:
* [[Video games]]
* [[H%2BPedia:Articles_for_creation#Media|Other Media]]
{| class="blue_box" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="5"width="100%"|-! <div class="table_header" >Editorial</div>
== Editorial ==
=== Recently created pages ===
Check out the following recently created pages to make sure if they are in a good state or not:
* Review [[H+Pedia:Disputed fact|disputed facts]]
* Review [[H+Pedia:Update needed|out of date articles]]
|}{| class="grey_box" cellpadding= "2" cellspacing="5"|-! <div class="table_header">Administrative tasks ==</div>|-|
* [[H+Pedia:Articles for creation]] - various clean up of the article creation lists
* You can join the technical team for H+Pedia. Currently technical discussion is taking place on [[Talk:Main_Page]]

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