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Community portal

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Article issues
== Community portal ==
This is an alternative to the [[Main_Page|home page]] for regular active and prospective editors for the purposes of giving to give an overview on of the many active projects running on the site. The following is pretty much everything H+Pedia is doing beyond core article creation.{{col<div class="portal-begin}}{{colcolumn-2}}left">{| class="grey_boxblue_box" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="5"
! <div class="table_header">Strategy and discussion</div>
The [[H+Pedia plan]] This page contains an overview of site H+Pedia project strategy. Other strategic decisions are made by site administrators in conjunction with [[Humanity+]]. The strategy is still immature, maybe you can suggest something?
* Don't understand what this is about? Check out [[About H+Pedia]] and [[Welcome to H+Pedia]]* Still new to the project? Check Why not check out [ the H+Pedia Facebook group] insteador [!forum/hpluspedia the mailing list?].* Just registered? Why not comment in [[H+Pedia:How I found H+Pedia|How I found H+Pedia]]?
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! <div class="table_header">Article ideas</div>
 [[File:ThinkingLc-transparent.jpgpng|frameless|link=Longevity-chan|thumb|right|So much future to write about...[[Longevity-chan]], created by and as a mascot for the life-extension advocacy community]]
The place to put article ideas is on [[H+Pedia:Articles for creation]].
Currently the backlog is split into:
* [[H+Pedia:Articles for creation#Processes|Processes]]
* [[H+Pedia:Articles for creation#Events|Events]]
[[File:Locutus.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Wikis will be assimilated. Resistance is futile]]
=== H+Pedia:Transhumani merger ===
A defunct transhumanist wiki had its contents quickly imported into H+Pedia. This has led to much content needing wikification still.
* [[H+Pedia:Transhumani merger]]
=== H+Pedia:The Future Wikidot merger ===A small initiative in was attempted in this space which has been abandoned. Permission has been received to merge in a large amount of futurist content
* [[H+Pedia:The Future Wikidot merger]]
Interested in pulling in other existing content from existing sites? Check out [[H+Pedia:Websites for assimilation]]
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! <div class="table_header">Outreach</div>
* Develop relationships with [[List of Facebook groups|the many Facebook groups]] such as getting [[H+Pedia:Backlinks|backlinks]] to H+Pedia
* Develop relationships with other [[transhumanist discussion forums]] or interested general forums
* Utilise existing relationships with [[transhumanist organisations]] to discuss areas of closer cooperation* Promote any [[October 2016 Longevity Month competitionH+Pedia prize competitions|active competitions]] across the internet
* Talk with people who have a [[List of YouTube channels and podcasts|YouTube or podcast]] about featuring H+Pedia or H+Pedia content
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! <div class="table_header">Reviews</div>
=== [[H+Pedia:Article Ratings|Article Ratings]] ===
Articles can be rated according to an emergent quality scale.
* Featured pages can be added to the home page using templates at [[Template:Featured]]
=== Recently created pages ===
Check out the following recently created pages to make sure if they are in a good state or not:
<recent {{Special:Newestpages/>-/5}} 
=== Article issues ===
* Review [[H+Pedia:Citation needed|missing citations]]
* Review [[H+Pedia:Disputed fact|disputed facts]]
* Review [[H+Pedia:Update needed|out of date articles]]
* Further [[H+Pedia:Wikification|wikify articles that need it]]
* Review and break down [[H+Pedia:Large edit requests|large edit requests]] into more managable sections
* Integrate [[H+Pedia:Articles requiring integration|articles requiring integration]]
* Improve articles lacking a [[H+Pedia:Transhumanist point of view|transhumanist point of view]]
* Review [[:Category:Articles for deletion|articles that may need deletion]]
* Add incoming links to [[Special:LonelyPages|lonely pages]]
* Address [[Special:DoubleRedirects|Double redirects]]
* ... other tasks can be done from [[Special:SpecialPages]]
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* You can join the technical team for H+Pedia. Currently technical discussion is taking place on [[Talk:Main_Page]]

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