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Community portal

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Article issues
== Community portal ==
This is an alternative to the [[Main_Page|home page]] for active and prospective editors to give an overview of the many active projects running on the site. The following is pretty much everything H+Pedia is doing beyond core article creation.{{col<div class="portal-begin}}{{colcolumn-2}}left">{| class="grey_boxblue_box" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="5"
! <div class="table_header">Strategy and discussion</div>
This page contains an overview of H+Pedia project strategy. Other strategic decisions are made by site administrators in conjunction with [[Humanity+]]. The initiatives are still evolving, maybe you can suggest something?
* Don't understand what this is about? Check out [[About H+Pedia]] and [[Welcome to H+Pedia]]* Still new to the project? Check Why not check out [ the H+Pedia Facebook group] insteador [!forum/hpluspedia the mailing list?].* Just registered? Why not comment in [[H+Pedia:How I found H+Pedia|How I found H+Pedia]]?
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! <div class="table_header">Article ideas</div>
 [[File:ThinkingLc-transparent.jpgpng|frameless|link=Longevity-chan|thumb|right|So much future to write about...[[Longevity-chan]], created by and as a mascot for the life-extension advocacy community]]
The place to put article ideas is on [[H+Pedia:Articles for creation]].
* [[H+Pedia:Transhumani merger]]
=== The Future Wikidot merger ===
A small initiative in was attempted in this space which has been abandoned. Permission has been received to merge in a large amount of futurist content
* [[H+Pedia:The Future Wikidot merger]]
Interested in pulling in other existing content from existing sites? Check out [[H+Pedia:Websites for assimilation]]
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! <div class="table_header">Outreach</div>
* Develop relationships with other [[transhumanist discussion forums]] or interested general forums
* Utilise existing relationships with [[transhumanist organisations]] to discuss areas of closer cooperation
* Promote any [[October 2016 Longevity Month competitionH+Pedia prize competitions|active competitions]] across the internet
* Talk with people who have a [[List of YouTube channels and podcasts|YouTube or podcast]] about featuring H+Pedia or H+Pedia content
* [[H%2BPedia:Articles_for_creation#Media|Other Media]]
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! <div class="table_header" >Editorial</div>
=== [[H+Pedia:Article Ratings|Article Ratings]] ===
Articles can be rated according to an emergent quality scale.
* Featured pages can be added to the home page using templates at [[Template:Featured]]
=== Recently created pages ===
Check out the following recently created pages to make sure if they are in a good state or not:
<recent {{Special:Newestpages/>-/5}} 
=== Article issues ===
* Review [[H+Pedia:Citation needed|missing citations]]
* Review [[H+Pedia:Disputed fact|disputed facts]]
* Review [[H+Pedia:Update needed|out of date articles]]
* Further [[H+Pedia:Wikification|wikify articles that need it]]
* Review and break down [[H+Pedia:Large edit requests|large edit requests]] into more managable sections
* Integrate [[H+Pedia:Articles requiring integration|articles requiring integration]]
* Improve articles lacking a [[H+Pedia:Transhumanist point of view|transhumanist point of view]]
* Review [[:Category:Articles for deletion|articles that may need deletion]]
* Add incoming links to [[Special:LonelyPages|lonely pages]]
* Address [[Special:DoubleRedirects|Double redirects]]
* ... other tasks can be done from [[Special:SpecialPages]]
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* You can join the technical team for H+Pedia. Currently technical discussion is taking place on [[Talk:Main_Page]]

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