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The primary purpose of H+Pedia is to spread accurate, accessible, non-sensationalistic information about [[transhumanism ]] among the general public.
H+Pedia is also an opportunity for transhumanist enthusiasts to work together, thereby strengthening the [[transhumanist community]].
H+Pedia welcomes constructive contributions from everyone interested in the future of humanity.
== Contributors policy ==
H+Pedia is an open project, meaning that anyone may contribute either under their own name and public identity, or psuedo-anonymously via a preferred username.
The project focuses on [[techno-optimism|techno-optimistic]] and realistic futuristic thought and trend analysis, rather than taking a popularist position that [[dystopia|dystopian]] scenarios are inevitable and unavoidable.
[[H+Pedia:Citation needed|Original research]] is welcomed at H+Pedia, however such contributions are expected to draw heavily upon [[H+Pedia:Sources|reliable resources]] and other [[H+Pedia:Wikification|internal H+Pedia references]].
Users who hold a specialist interest or expertise are invited to write about this on their user page or article page to better contextualise their contributions.
== Etiquette ==
As with Wikipedia, discussions ought to be focused around the content of a contribution rather than the user who made it. However in the event that an individual is sufficiently disruptive to the H+Pedia goals or wider community they may no longer be allowed to contribute.
== See also ==

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