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Terasem Movement

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[[File:Terasem.png|Logo of their movement|thumb|right]]
The '''Terasem Movement''' is a US charity founded by [[Martine Rothblatt]].
Other [ staff members include]:
* President - Bina Rothblatt
* Vice President & Secretary - Lori Rhodes
* Treasurer & Assistant Secretary - Nikki Knudsen
Amongst other things, they run events in [[Second Life]]. Activity has been in slow decline in recent years from it's mid 2000's heights.<ref>[ So what is ‘Terasem’ exactly?]</ref>
Projects include working towards a type of [[digital immortality]] via [[digital resurrection]] via [[CyBeRev]]<ref></ref> and [[LifeNaut]].<ref></ref>
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* {{wikipedia|Terasem Movement}}
* [ Facebook Group]
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== References ==
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