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Natasha Vita-More

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[[File:NVM_2016_a.png|thumb|right|Natasha Vita-More in 2016]]
'''Natasha Vita-More PhD''' is a professor at an expert on emerging technology and humanity's future. She is the University author and co-editor of ''[[The Transhumanist Reader]]'', designer of Advanced Technology [[Primo Posthuman]], and an international speaker on human enhancement, radical life extension, and the chair humanity's future. She is Chair of [[Humanity+]]and faculty at the University of Advancing Technology. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Media Arts, University of Plymouth, UK), Master of Science (School of Engineering, Communication and Technology, University of Plymouth, UK), and a Master of Science in Future Studies (Social Science & Humanities Department, University of Houston, US).
==Personal Life==
Dr. Natasha Vita-More is an futurist and multi-media designer. She wrote the "Transhuman Manifesto " in 1983, hosted and the produced "TransCentury UPdate" cable TV show in 1988-1992, and developed Transhumanist Arts & Culture in 1992. She also authored the Transhumanist Statement in 1995. She has been an advocate of [[radical life extension ]] for many years. Natasha was a close friend of [[FM-2030]] until his death/[[cryonics|cryonic suspension]] in 2000.<ref> [ The Politics of Transhumanism]</ref> Today she is married to [[Max More]] who she pioneered , the movement of transhumanism with. Dr. More is currently CEO of [[Alcor]]. Together, they pioneered the worldwide movement of transhumanism.
In 1983, after authoring the [[Transhumanist Declaration#Transhumanist Art Statement | Transhuman Manifesto]], she developed events in the Los Angeles that focused on life extension. In 1986, she produced and was host of TransCentury Update, a cable TV show on the future. In 1992, she signed up for cryonics. Later Vita-More, under her previous name Nancie Clark, ran on the Green Party ticket for the State Senate 28 District in Los Angeles County. She won the election on a transhumanist platform.More here: [[Transhumanist politics]]
In 19961992, Vita-More innovated Natasha (operating under her previous name, Nancie Clark) was elected to the concept County Council of a whole body prosthesis. With a team the Green Party of experts (Marvin Minsky (AI)Los Angeles County, Hans Moravec (robotics) and Ralph Merkle (nanotechnology), she designed representing the first future body design as a wearable system28th State Senate district. This is known as <ref>[Primo Posthuman]] "County Council, a vision for a highly modified [[transhuman body]Green Party of Los Angeles County"]</ref> She resigned her seat in 1993.
In 1996, Vita-More innovated the concept of a whole body prosthesis. With a team of experts (Marvin Minsky (AI), Hans Moravec (robotics) and Ralph Merkle (nanotechnology)), she designed the first future body design as a wearable system. This is known as [[Primo Posthuman]], a vision for a highly modified [[transhuman body]].<ref>[ "Ep. 32 - Designing the Future with Natasha Vita-More"]</ref> In 2004 she briefly set up an early alliance of transhumanist organizations in the form of the [[Transhumanist Cooperative Colloquium]]. In 2015, Natasha developed a scientific breakthrough by proving demonstrated that long-term memory of the nematode worm C. elegans can be sustained after cryonic suspension and reviving. The C<ref>[https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC4620520/ "Persistence of Long-Term Memory in Vitrified and Revived Caenorhabditis elegans nematode was the subject of this experiment, which "]</ref> The published paper is published and received more than 16,000 downloads the first month of publication.
==Notable Facts==
*Natasha Vita-More is a the Chair Executive Director of [[Humanity+]], Inc., a non-profit educational organization.*Featured in the docementary documentary [[Inhuman: The Next & Final Phase of Man is Here]]
*[[Coalition for Radical Life Extension]] Steering Committee member
*Co-author of the [[Transhumanist Declaration]]
* {{wikipedia|Natasha Vita-More}}
* {{twitter|natashavitamore}}
* [ Interview on] [[Singularity 1 on 1]]
== References ==

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