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Lifespans Are Long Enough

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Aubrey de Grey comments against transhumanism
: '''John Donvan:'''Okay.
: '''Paul Root Wolpe:'''The intention to '''''live longer for the sake of living longer'''''.
: '''John Donvan:''' Okay . Let me stop you. Is that your intention, Aubrey de Grey?
: '''Aubrey de Grey:''' '''''Absolutely not'''''.
: '''John Donvan:''' Well, what is your intention ?
: '''John Donvan:''' Why do you dismiss the narrative arc ?
: '''Aubrey de Grey:''' I’m not dismissing them. I'm saying that these are reasonable things to raise but that if one raises them then the only honest approach is, as I said in my original remarks, '''''to weigh the risk of those things happening and the severity of those potential problems against the severity of the problem we have today ''''' of not having brought the diseases and disabilities of aging under control.
: '''John Donvan:''' Okay . I want to let your opponents respond. Right after that I want to start going to questions . I just want to remind you how it works so that you'll be ready to go . Raise your hands . I'll call on you . A microphone will be brought to you . Hold it close to your -- about this far away from your mouth . Tell us your name . If you're with a news organization we'd appreciate it if you would tell us that . Ask your question in 30 seconds . Make it tight and terse and on point. Response from this side . Ian Ground .

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