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Artificial intelligence

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In popular culture
== In popular culture ==
AI has been featured heavily in many sci-fi films including [[A.I.]], [[Transcendence]], [[Ex Machina]] and [[Avengers: Age of Ultron]]
== Ethics and social impact ==
[[File:The Map of Artificial Intelligence Ethical Issues.png|thumb|<span style="background-color: yellow">Upper left</span>: [[Machine ethics]], [[technological unemployment]], [[autonomous weapons]], and other short-term issues ''caused by'' machine learning algorithms. <br><span style="background-color: lightgreen">Lower left</span>: Concerns related to the (moral or legal) treatment of AIs in the near term. See [[PETRL]] for some speculative ideas.<br><span style="background-color: pink">Upper right</span>: Concerns relating to artificial superintelligence and the [[AI Control Problem]]. [[MIRI]] mainly works on this corner.<br><span style="background-color: lightblue">Treatment of digital minds</span>: [[Foundational Research Institute|FRI]] studies on strategies to reduce suffering in the far-future, including the suffering of digital beings.]]
There are many different ethical concerns related to AI, which can best be understood by plotting them across two axes: time scale and agent vs. subject.
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== See also ==
* [[AI risk]]

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