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Origin of term 'grinding'
'''Grinders''' are people who apply the hacker ethic to improve their own biological bodies with do-it-yourself cybernetic devices and self-mutations. Many grinders identify with the [[biopunk]] movement (also rarely admitted with cyberculture/cyberpunk movement as well and sometimes with postcyberpunk or cypherpunk movements), [[open source]] [[transhumanism]], and [[technoprogressivism]].
== Origins ==
In role-playing games, 'grinding' is the practice of engaging in repetitive tasks to improve a character. The 2007 comic series <i>[[Doktor Sleepless]]</i> by [[Warren Ellis]] compared this to the progression of DIY transhumanism.<ref>[ Unfinished Apocalypse: <i>Doktor Sleepless</i>]</ref>
== Biohacking ==

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