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José Cordeiro

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During our 45 min conversation with Jose Cordeiro, we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: why he is a futurist, transhumanist, singularitarian and energularian; living in the best time to live and always travelling; escaping one dictatorship after another and becoming a citizen of the world; the biggest issues of our time; what is a kaka and why talking and even humanity might be the kaka’s of the future; the Longevity and Cryonics Summit in Madrid and the upcoming RAAD Festival in San Diego; the story of Spain from non-plus-ultra to plus-ultra; the religious complications of life extension and cryonics; immortality, amortality and receiving death-treats; Jose Cordeiro’s upcoming book The Death of Death; his seminal meetings with Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov; why the world will be a better place tomorrow. - Nikola Danaylov<ref></ref>
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* [[La muerte de la muerte]]
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