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Biological immortalism

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'''Biological immortalistsimmortalism''' is the preference to expand idea of transhumanising the human body primarily subject to certain limits. Relatively mainstream ideas like [[life extension]] or exclusively through technologies that places limited upon morphologically altering technologies[[healthspan]] fall within this concept..
It is debatable whether such Some adherents reject or are otherwise sceptical of the radical nature of [[posthuman transhumanism]].
Often permitted == Permissible technologies:==
* [[Nano technology]]
* [[Human cloning|Cloning]]
* [[Cryonics]]
* [[NootropicsNootropic]]s
* [[Genetic engineering]]
* Limited [[body self modification]]* [[Life extension]]
However advocates == Excessive technologies ==Advocates prefer to 'draw the line' at more radical approaches such asassociated with [[posthuman transhumanism]]:
* [[Mind uploading]]
* [[Brain-computer interface]]s
== Fictional portrays In fiction ==Conflict between biological immotalists immortalists and [[posthuman transhumanism|posthuman transhumanists]] form is [ a major theme] of the [[Shaper/Mechanist universe]].
== See also ==* [[Immortalism]] [[Category:Life extensionextensionism]]

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