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Zero State

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2014 reference
'''Zero State''' is an organisation organization that seeks to form a transnational state based upon futurist and transhumanist principles.
Two of its founders [[Dirk Bruere]] and [[Amon Twyman]] would go on to found the [[Transhumanist Party (UK)]].
In 2013 ZeroState Zero State attempted to take expand out and bought out the popular blog in which case the strategy failed to take off and the blog dropped in readership with the original founder (Hank Pellissier) taking it back and it being bought out by the Foundation.  In 2014, a lot of the Zero State Focus was directed to 'wavism' and the idea of wavism. has been folded into the [[Institute for Social Futurism]] website and the organization was set to dissolve on January 21st 2016.<ref>[ Greetings citizens, happy 2016! Zero State will cease to exist in 21 days]</ref>

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