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Natasha Vita-More

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In 1983, after authoring the [[Transhumanist Declaration#Transhumanist Art Statement | Transhuman Manifesto]], she developed events in the Los Angeles that focused on life extension. In 1986, she produced and was host of TransCentury Update, a cable TV show on the future. In 1992, she signed up for cryonics.
In 1992, Natasha (operating under her previous name, Nancie Clark) was elected to the County Council of the Green Party of Los Angeles County, representing the 28th State Senate district.<ref>[ "County Council, Green Party of Los Angeles County"]</ref>She resigned her seat in 1993.
In 1996, Vita-More innovated the concept of a whole body prosthesis. With a team of experts (Marvin Minsky (AI), Hans Moravec (robotics) and Ralph Merkle (nanotechnology)), she designed the first future body design as a wearable system. This is known as [[Primo Posthuman]], a vision for a highly modified [[transhuman body]].<ref>[ "Ep. 32 - Designing the Future with Natasha Vita-More"]</ref>
In 2004 she briefly set up an early alliance of transhumanist organizations in the form of the [[Transhumanist Cooperative Colloquium]].

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