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A New Transhumanist Declaration

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{{Copied}}'''A New Transhumanist Declaration''' was the entry submitted by [[Dirk Bruere]] in the competition run in 2015 by [[]] asking for new versions of the [[Transhumanist Declaration]]. This entry received the highest number of votes from judges. The text of the entry is copied from an archive of<ref>[ Nail-Biting Victory! A Champion Is Declared in “Transhumanist Declaration 2.0” Rewrite Contest]</ref> <blockquote> 
Humanity stands to be profoundly affected by science and technology in the future. We assert the desire ability of transcending human limitations by overcoming aging, enhancing cognition, abolishing involuntary suffering, and expanding beyond Earth. We intend to become more than Human.
Positive Transhumanist ideas and ideals need to be infused into public life at all levels, from popular culture and art, to politics and religion. Technologies that facilitate Transhumanist goals need to be adequately funded. The political leadership of our societies need to ensure the benefits are made available to all citizens in a non coercive manner.
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