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PostHuman: An Introduction to Transhumanism

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One of the main issues facing transhumanist ideals is that they are seen as far-fetched or perceived as just science fiction. But this is a big mistake. We are already transhuman. We're living longer, integrating more with technology, and emphasising quality of life. We're in the process of redesigning what it is to be human, only the effects are still so subtle, and so slow, that it doesn't look like much. But these changes will come faster and faster, and it's only wise to be an active, informed participant in the next stage of human development. Thanks for watching.
== Analysis ==
The video explores some, but not all, ideas of [[Transhumanism|transhumanist]] thought.
* '''Superlongevity''', more commonly known as '''[[immortalism]]'''.
* '''Superintelligence''', more commonly known as '''[[singularitarianism]]'''.
* '''Superwellbeing''', more commonly known as '''[[abolitionism]]'''.
[[Category:The Three Supers]]

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