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Transhumanist Party (UK)

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* adopted a new logo consisting of a plain pink hexagon
* published a [[TPUK Dashboard | dashboard of the status of its project activities]].
=== 2020 ===
In January 2020 the party announced another update:<ref>[ Party News January 2020]</ref>
We'll be focusing on a set of bold, transformational goals that the UK can achieve by 2035, to take deep advantage of revolutions within science and technology.
We'll be rolling out a new set of projects that will lay important groundwork, between now and 2025, for the larger changes that lie ahead...
To take part in discussions with other members and supporters of the Party about initiatives for 2020 and beyond, you can join the channel named #tpuk on [ the Slack workspace] provided by one of TPUK's sister organisations, [ London Futurists]...
== Press releases ==

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