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Freeman Dyson

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<blockquote> ...Dyson: I do not believe in any kind of ism. I believe we understand very little about human nature, about psychology or about economics. I do not take seriously any of the people who claim to predict the future. I believe them even less when they claim to be accurate predictors.<ref>[ Interviews: Freeman Dyson Answers Your Questions on Slashdot]</ref> </blockquote>
== Environmentalism ==
Dyson was a critic of climate change being treated as a global priority, pointing to alternative technological solutions ranging from [[geo-engineering]] and biotechnology. Biotechnology to genetically engineer 4 inch tall humans<ref>[ Downsizing (film)]</ref>[[Downsizing]]</ref> was even considered, but limited life spans rather than any [[life extension]] solutions.<ref>[ Freeman Dyson Solves Global Warming and All Other Problems]</ref>
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