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Dirk Bruere

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[[File:Dirkbruere.jpg|thumb|right|THA Talks January 2016 <ref></ref>]]
'''Dirk Bruere''' is an established UK based transhumanist with a history of involvement in affiliated projects and initiatives.
In the early 2000's he ran as a local political candidate for a futurist political party known as [[The Consensus]]. A co-founding member of [[Zero State]] with [[Amon Twyman]], he is interested in many of the philosophical and spirital implications of Transhumanism which he explored in his book books [[The Praxis]] and [[TechnoMage]].
Today's projects include contributions to the [[Wave Chronicle]] and former party secretary of [[Transhumanist Party (UK)]].
He is an avid martial arts practitioner.
His background and journey with transhumanism are laid out in [ this blog post].
== External links ==
* [] - Personal site and projects index
 * [ @dirkbruerechannel/UCePbVWOgWNiZUUiJe7Q2yjg Youtube Channel==References==
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