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Criticism of transhumanism

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Conflation of transhumanism with belief in ongoing exponential trends
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This page looks at some common '''criticisms of transhumanism''', and points out:
== Conflation of transhumanism with belief in ongoing exponential trends ==
Some critics note that transhumanist writers often refer to ongoing exponential trends in technological development. These critics take the view that all such exponential trends are bound to come to an end, and they conclude that transhumanism is a flawed belief.
== The view that transhumanism will lead to 'gigadeath' ==
''Main: [[Existential risks]]''
As a variant of the previous idea, it may prove to be the case that humans - even if biologically enhanced - are unable to compete with robotic lifeforms. Again, the threat of a fundamental division opens up.
== The view that transhumanism would deprive humanity of ultimate meaning ==
''Main: [[Deathism]]''
Some critics refer, not to the risk of wars, social disruptions, or other existential threats, caused by technological advances, but to the loss of features which are held to be essential for the best qualities of human life. For example, [ Leon Kass, 2003] makes the following argument:
== The view that transhumanism is a restatement of the discredited concept of eugenics ==
'''Main: [[Eugenics]]'''
Some critics assert that transhumanists are "guilty by association" with ideas adopted by the Nazis. The argument runs as follows:
== The view that transhumanism is a religion in disguise ==
''Main: [[Transhumanism as a religion]]''
Some critics point out that there are similarities between transhumanism and religion:
However, every philosophy under the sun has its share of uncritical adherents. That, by itself, is no reason to reject the philosophy.
''See also: [[Spiritual transhumanism]] and [[Religious transhumanism]]''
== Dislike of any "ism", and a preference for action ==
== Dislike of the word "transhumanism" ==
''Main: [[Transhumanist synonyms and closely related terms]]''
Some critics like what transhumanism is trying to accomplish, but dislike the actual word "transhumanism". They feel that the word "transhumanism":
In practice, [[Humanity+]] denotes a specific transhumanist organisation. "H+" can stand equally well for both "transhumanism" and "Humanity+". That observation is one reason this wiki has the name "H+Pedia".
''See also: [[Transhumanist synonyms and closely related terms]]''
== Dislike of association with transhumanists ==
''Main: [[Transhumanist inevitablism]], [[Technological utopianism]]''
A final reason for critics to be fearful of transhumanism is if they assess the movement as being dominated in practice by people to whom several of the preceding criticisms apply. These are individuals who:
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