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Board and advisors
'''Humanity+''' is a non-profit organisation that promotes ethical use of new technologies to improve human capabilities.<ref name="humanity-plus">[ "About Humanity+"]. ''Humanity+''. Retrieved 29 December 2017. "Humanity+ is a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization dedicated to elevating the human condition."</ref><ref name="io9">Dvorsky, George. [Filehttps:Humanitypluslogo//io9.gizmodo.png|rightcom/5962887/humanity%252B--san-francisco-conference-starts-next-week--and-io9-will-be-there "Humanity+ @ San Francisco conference starts next week — and io9 will be there!"]. ''io9''. Gizmodo. Retrieved 29 December 2017. "Humanity+, an organization that advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities, is holding their annual conference next weekend from December 1-2 at the Seven Hills Conference Center at SF State in San Francisco."</ref><ref name="new-school">[ "Transhumanism Meets Design"]. ''The New School''. Retrieved 29 December 2017. "Humanity+, the world's leading nonprofit organization advocating the ethical use of technology to expand human capabilities, today announced its first conference in partnership with Parsons The New School for Design, a leading art and design school in New York City dedicated to the advancement of design thinking and education."</ref><ref name="petrie-flom">[ "Humanity+"]. ''The Petrie-Flom Center''. Harvard. Retrieved 29 December 2017. "Formerly the World Transhumanist Association, this is an international organization which advocates the ethical use of emerging technologies to enhance human capacities."</ref> 
== History ==
'''[[File:Wta.jpg|right]][[File:Humanitypluslogo.png|right|100px]]Humanity+''' ''(Humanity plus)'' was founded in 1998 and legally incorporated as 2002 as the '''[[World Transhumanist Association]] ''' ''(WTA)'' by [[Nick Bostrom]] and [[David Pearce]] to provide a more inclusive transhumanist view compared to other earlier transhumanist views such as [[Extropianism]] and to better engage with the scientific mainstreamacademics. The archived WTA site can be found first [[Transhumanist Declaration]] was created at time by both members of WTA/hvcs/and Extropy Institute and formed a shared set of values between different groups of transhumanists.
The name Humanity+ and stylised In 2002 [[H+|h+James Hughes]] logo were was elected secretary of the World Transhumanist Association, formalised its structures and began building up a international network of local groups and volunteers<ref name="bostromhistory>[ adopted in 2008pdf A HISTORY OF TRANSHUMANIST THOUGHT].</ref>
Along with The archived WTA site can be found at In 2008 the organisation rebranded to Humanity+ and adopted a stylised [[IEETH+|h+]], it is the world's most prominent and influential international transhumanist organisationlogo. The rebranding was due to political differences among members of WTA. <ref>[ adopted]</ref>
== Resources ==
Humanity+ operates [ Humanity+ Press], a nonprofit publisher "focused on works that promote understanding, interest and participation in fields of emerging innovation with strong potential to lead to a radically better future". Humanity+ Press has published six books to date.
Historically, Humanity+ hosted began co-hosting the [[TransVision]] series of conferencesafter the first two conferences put on by Aleph and De:Trans. == Executive Director ==From time to time, Humanity+ appoints an Executive Director to serve as the principal executive officer of the organisation. [[Natasha Vita-More]] was appointed as Executive Director in February 2018. Previously Vita-More at various times held a number of Board roles including Chair and Secretary. Previous Executive Directors have included, in historical order, [[James Hughes]], [[Giulio Prisco]], [[James Clement]], [[Alex Lightman]] and [[Luke Robert Mason]].
== Board and advisors ==
As of March 2015September 2019 the board was comprised of<ref>[[http://hplusmagazinehumanityplus.comorg/2015about/03/09/humanity-board-elections-2015/ Humanity+ Board Elections 2015]</ref> the board was comprised of:* [[Jose CordeiroBen Goertzel]](chair)* [[Ben GoertzelJosé Cordeiro]](vice chair)* [[Amy Li]](treasurer)
* [[Gabriel Rothblatt]]
* [[Natasha Vita-MoreDidier Coeurnelle]]  There were four empty board seats with 5 candidates running for them at that election.* [[Paul Spiegel]]
The advisers wereare <ref>[ Humanity+ Advisors]</ref>:
* [[Sonia Arrison]]
* [[James Clement]]
* [[Aubrey de Grey]]
* [[James Hughes]]
* [[Ayesha Khanna]]
* [[Luke Robert Mason]]
* [[Max More]]
* [[David Pearce]]
* [[Anders Sandberg]]
== Membership ==
The operation of Humanity+ is governed by [http a constitutionset of Bylaws].
Humanity+ is supported financially [ by membership fees]:
Humanity+ also loosely coordinates a series of 'chapters' worldwide.
== Humanity+ chapters Chapters ==
Humanity+ chapters can be either locale-specific or interest-specific.
* [ Humanity+ @Melbourne Facebook page]
* []
* [[Transhumanism (organisation)]]
=== Brazil ===
* [ Humanity+ Brazil Facebook group]
=== Canada ===
* [http Meetup: Toronto Transhumanists] Toronto Transhumanist Association (defunct?)Meetup Group* [ Meetup:LifespanBC] [Lifespan Society of British Columbia]]
=== China ===
=== Italy ===
* [[Associazione Italiana Transumanisti]]* [[Transumanisti Italiani]] === Japan ===* [[Transhumanist Association Japan]] 
=== Netherlands ===
* [ Facebook group]
* [[UKH+]]
== International External links ==
* [ Humanity+ website]
* [ Facebook group (public)]
* [ Humanity+ (paid members only)]
* [ Humanity+ Chapters Facebook group]
* [ YouTube]
* {{wikipedia|Humanity+}}
* {{Twitter|HumanityPlus}}
* [ YouTube]
{{facebook page|}}
== References ==
[[Category:Transhumanist organisations]]
[[Category:International organisations]]

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