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'''Connected ''' is a short film released on Motherboard. It stars Pamela Anderson as a Spin spin Instructor who is struggling to come to terms with [[aging]] and the transformations that it brings. In order to do something about it, she visits an experimental treatment facility.
==Transhuman Plot PointsTranshumanist plot points==
At one point Jackie (Pamela's character) is listening to a meditation track (voiced by Jane Fonda) and one of the things the voice says is; "All of us alive now will live forever"
The concept that Connected utilises may be likened to that of a [[Brain Net]] or something similar.
==Technology Featured==
At first glance, the technology used for the live exercise classes may seem to be a future tech idea, but it's not, the technology already exists and is made by [ Peloton].
==External Links==
*[ Watch Connected] - Vimeo*[ IMDB]
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