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Biological immortalism

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'''Biological immortalistsimmortalism''' is the idea of expanding transhumanising the human body primarily or exclusively through technologies that places limited upon morphologically altering technologiessubject to certain limits. Traditional definitions of Relatively mainstream ideas like [[life extension]] or [[healthspan]] fall within this ideaconcept..
It is debatable whether such Some adherents reject or are otherwise sceptical of the radical nature of [[posthuman transhumanism]].
Often permitted == Permissible technologies:==
* [[Nano technology]]
* [[Human cloning|Cloning]]
* [[Cryonics]]
* [[Nootropic]]s
* [[Genetic engineering]]
* Limited [[self modification]]
* [[Life extension]]
However advocates == Excessive technologies ==Advocates prefer to 'draw the line' at more radical approaches such asassociated with [[posthuman transhumanism]]:
* [[Mind uploading]]
== In fiction ==
Conflict between biological immortalists and [[posthuman transhumanism|posthuman transhumanists]] form is [ a major theme] of the [[Shaper/Mechanist universe]].
== See also ==

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