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A poem originally written when Dylan's father began to go blind. Those famous words have been adopted by some [[longevity]] advocates in regards to the process of [[aging]] and also by some [[Transhumanism]] advocates who have taken the term "light" as a reference to death or mortality.
==A poem by Transhuman Tees==
It's a natural process,
They say getting old
As if it is something
Either noble or bold
When your hip is stiff
You need a cane to walk
Your ears are now useless
Can't hear anyone talk
Tell me a reason
And tell me why
When I think of that coming
That I shouldn't cry
Who wants that for themselves?
Who wants that for others?
Your parents
Your children
Your sisters
Your brothers
They say I fear death
But that is a lie
I don't want to get old
If you do, tell me why.

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