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Brain Net is a term coined by the futurist and Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku

What is a Brain Net?

During an interview with NBC [1] Michio Kaku said the following:

"The Internet will eventually be replaced by a brain-net, in which we can experience emotions, memories and sensations. Of course, teenagers are going to go crazy on Facebook — they'll share the memory of their first kiss, their first date, the senior prom. All those emotions and hormones will be pumping away, on Facebook!

"The first steps in this direction were taken just last year. For the first time in history, a memory was recorded. It was recorded in a mouse. Next, we'll do it for primates. The short-term goal is to create a 'brain pacemaker' for Alzheimer's patients, so they can push a button and they'll know who they are and where they live. And beyond that — well, maybe we'll be able to upload a vacation that we never had."