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Community portal

This is an alternative to the home page for active and prospective editors to give an overview of the many active projects running on the site. The following is pretty much everything H+Pedia is doing beyond core article creation.

Strategy and discussion

This page contains an overview of H+Pedia project strategy. Other strategic decisions are made by site administrators in conjunction with Humanity+.

Article ideas
Longevity-chan, created by and as a mascot for the life-extension advocacy community

The place to put article ideas is on H+Pedia:Articles for creation.

Currently the backlog is split into:

Site Mergers
Wikis will be assimilated. Resistance is futile

Transhumani merger

A defunct transhumanist wiki had its contents quickly imported into H+Pedia. This has led to much content needing wikification still.

The Future Wikidot merger

A small initiative was attempted in this space which has been abandoned. Permission has been received to merge in a large amount of futurist content


Interested in pulling in other existing content from existing sites? Check out H+Pedia:Websites for assimilation


H+Pedia is keen to continue to develop recognition by the entire transhumanist community as the definitive factual reference point, with reciprocal endorsements of missions where possible.

To this end you can


We aim to review all media of relevance and entertainment for transhumanists and featuring transhumanist themes. To this end you can write reviews and summaries of:


Article Ratings

Articles can be rated according to an emergent quality scale.

Recently created pages

Check out the following recently created pages to make sure if they are in a good state or not:

  1. Vitamin P
  2. Enhanced Strength bones
  3. Josh Habka
  4. Zach Richardson
  5. US Transhumanist Party

Article issues

Administrative tasks