Comparison of futurist related ideas and positions

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Overview[edit | edit source]

The following is an original infographic designed by Deku-shrub. It is not considered exhaustive of various opinions, nor does every label imply a follower of that position is exclusively in that space. It is, however, designed to be a helpful introduction to a variety of futurist and transhumanist positions and to be used as starting place to finding out more about them.

Ideas placed on the boundary of a section imply either the idea is transitional or disputed.

Ideologies and positions featured[edit | edit source]

Diagram[edit | edit source]

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Self modificationNootropicBody modificationTranscranial direct-current stimulationTranshumanismenthusiastsSuperhappinessPostgenderismProsthetically enhanced athleteBiohackersSupplementsCyborgizationCyborgizationPosthumanismLife loggingGrinderAvataristsSimulationistsInfomorphistsNeural laceTechnogaianismAISci-fi fansDigital selfMind uploadingSingularitarianTechnophilesFuturologistsFuturismPost scarcitySpace explorationExistential riskBioethical abolitionismDigital resurrectionTransanimismExistential riskAnimal upliftDigital immortalismSpace seedingRussian cosmistsCryonicsGenetic engineeringCultural immortalismPostsecularismRadical life extensionProstheticsReligious transhumanismSenescenceLongevismHealth 2.0Types1.png
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