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The Infinity Dragon is a project “to eliminate suffering and pain and to erase evil.”

The project aims to raise the biological limits of happiness towards superhappiness and beyond through a combination of futuristic laser neurosurgery, intellectually-designed psychopharmacology, cognitive enhancers, epigenetic upregulators, neurogenesis, nanotechnology and wireheading.

Infinity Dragon is a project conceived of by eclectic, self-ascribed young scientific philosopher Banny Lopez.[1]

Infinity Dragon is founded under the premise:

“While we have failed in the past, it's not because all psychoactive substances are bad, but because we didn't intelligently engineer psychoactives that boost mood while preserving or boosting intelligence. The abolition of suffering, raising the ceiling of happiness, and boosting the biological mood range of positive emotions are feasible.”

Lopez believes laser neurosurgery will remove the components of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) associated with pain and suffering, reducing fear and replacing it with its brain chip equivalent, albeit without the 'raw nasty feelings.'

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