Fascist transhumanism

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Fascist transhumanism is a term to describe transhumanist technologies which are non-consensual or coercive in various fashions. It is the opposite of liberal transhumanism and the prospect of government overreach is of special concern to libertarian transhumanists. The historical Italian Futurism shares many facets with this position and is major strand of dystopian transhumanism. The ideas of reactive or anarcho-transhumanism may be depicted in conflict/overlap with such ideas.

In fiction

Film and TV

Fascist or dystopian portrayals of futuristic societies in the cyberpunk genre commonly explore technologically advanced futures which feature technology as a tool of oppression in some fashion. Usually playing into present day technology anxiety, media ranging from George Orwell's 1984 (post privacy), Gattaca (eugenics and genetic engineering) or even The Matrix (Simulated reality) has given us the problems of tomorrow - today!

  • Starship Troopers is known for its overtly fascist vision of the future, complete with alien racism.
  • The Borg from Star Trek are well known for their non-consensual assimilation of all those who would oppose them, as well as their hive mind.
  • The Expanse - powerful governments vie for control of dangerous technologies produced by a new alien molecule

Video games

Factions/Groups such as the Combine in Half-Life 2, had force undergo body modification in order to serve their alien overlords as their 'transhuman allies'.

The founders from BioShock Infinite, believe God choose them to be better than everyone on the ground and everyone else must be destroyed by their floating city, They have 'found' some biotechnological breakthroughs like created of big cybernetic body for physically/mentally disabled under named 'Handyman' even few them refused "treatment" wrong way and they created "vigors" that give some superpower-like abilties later years before events of Booker arrival.

Popular tropes related to fascist transhumanism include space marines in Halo video game series, featuring super soldiers or other villains and antagonists who are biologically or cybernetically enhanced.


Today, the problems of the future are closer than you might think. mass surveillance and government mandated micro chipping threatens to move society to a post privacy era, whether it likes it or not. Still, limitations on reproductive rights are being considered despite the myth of overpopulation.

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