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The following page aims to provide a comprehensive overview of transhumanist discussion forums that may be found on the internet.


The largest by numbers of participants is Facebook. As outlined on list of Facebook groups, over 100 transhumanist groups may be found, featuring from a few dozen to over a thousand subscribers.

A great entry place to basic transhumanist ideas and technology news - often via dedicated news pages, more organised and focused activity can be found if you're willing to put in the effort.


Reddit hosts some of the largest transhumanist and futurist discussion forums on the internet due to the platform's comparable general popularity and accessibility. There does not appear to be much organised or activist activity, with again the focuses being on digesting technology news, as well as transhumanist philosophy.

Closely related forums

De facto transhumanist forums can be found in a number of futurist spaces.

Forum Comment Features a basic forums interface with high levels of activity. Forums were disabled. The rationalist and often futurist community LessWrong features a Reddit-style voting system around their discussions. The forum for Future Time Line is large and active. The Orion's Arm Universe Project crowd sourced space opera features an active community focused on fictional content. The currently small Fractal Future Network running on Discourse was developed explicitly to attempt to provide an inclusive community space for online transhumanist and general futurist discussion.

Specialist forums

Forum Comment features a community of biohackers and grinders mostly focused on practical body modification. LongeCity is a large life extension focused community covering a broad range of futurist topics. The Church of Virus initiative has some activity still

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