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Pages proposed for translation

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  1. Transhumanism and drugs

Broken pages

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  1. Lifeboat foundation

Pages with pending changes

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  1. AFT Technoprog
  2. Abolitionism
  3. Driverless Car
  4. Eray Ozkural
  5. TransVision 2021
  6. Young blood

Pages in translation

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  1. 2045 Initiative
  2. As We May Think
  3. Giulio Prisco
  4. Gray goo
  5. José Cordeiro
  6. Live Forever, Die Whenever
  7. Lorrey Chart
  8. Natasha Vita-More
  9. Paypal
  10. Space seeding
  11. Supplements
  12. The Blue Zone
  13. The Future Wikidot
  14. Transanimism
  15. Transhumanist Bill of Rights
  16. Transhumanist organisations
  17. Viridian Design Movement
  18. Zoltan Istvan
  19. Template:H+Pedia:About