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The Srpska Levica (Serbian The Left), is an Serbian political party established in 2016.[1]


The leader is Stefan Certic, they are based in Belgrade and the politics are of techno-progressivism, technocentrism, transhumanism and far left.

The party believes that technological development is a positive force in human affairs[2] and values the cultural, economic, and technological benefits of modernism. It believes in freedom of expression, and has a positive view of the power of free markets, and the benefits of high density cities. The party seeks to promote high quality science research and education. The party is also closely connected to transhumanism parties around the world, included as an allied organization of US Transhumanist Party[3]

The Srpska Levica was formed at the constitutional meeting on 9 November 2016.[4] and announced to enter presidential and parliament elections in Serbia 2017.


Srpska Levica policies include the following:[5]

  • Opposition to unnecessary regulations of new technology.
  • Greater transparency and openness in government.
  • Increased science research funding.
  • Increased rate of immigration.
  • Free Educational System
  • Free Medical System
  • Higher density residential development.
  • High quality internet, and internet freedom.
  • Emissions trading and renewable energy.
  • A higher quality free education system.

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