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Stefan Ćertić

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Stefan Ćertić is Serbian Business Person, entrepreneur, computer security analyst and a musician.


Stefan has earned a master degree in Computer Science, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade afterwards appointed as research director at the University College of Engineering[1] working in field of Mobile Security.

Business career

In 2008 he made his first significant position as an System Analyst within British Mobile Operator "Routo Telecom". After merging of RoutoTelecom with US TeleSign, he joined another British Mobile Security company CS Networks as Chief Technology Officer[2] hosting a global programming contest.[3] The same year, during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona formed a strategic partnership with Galeb Group[4] expanding his business towards African and Middle East.[5] In 2014, announced 2M investment with Georgian Mobile Operator Globalcell.[6] The academic papper dated 2013. "The Future of Mobile Security" described vulnerability within 3G standards, allowing call forwarding without user consent. After exploit demonstration in Mobile World Congress, it has been discussed within technology community[7] leading to multiple academic researches[8] in the field of Mobile Security[9] and Audio Stenography.[10] Ćertić also closely worked with ETalc Technologies,[11] a medical company and help develop products that track, analyze and report real time patient data. The book "The Next Stage: Transhumanism and Evolution"[12] published in 2016 covers some of his personal views related to General AI development and paradoxes. He also acquired AlterVibes Media in 2015, A London Based radio station. According to AlterVibes Media,[13] the radio Station has been acquired by Certic Family for undisclosed amount.

Software projects

Back in 2015, Ćertić started e164enum service allowing ENUM search of international mobile prefix database using Telephone number mapping of more then half million network prefixes around the world, available online through e164enum.eu or through API free of charge. This is currently the only free database available online.[14] He also published open source code included in Perl Distribution allowing SMS communication within Linux systems using TCP.[15] He was also an author of various linux SMS implementation in C as well as one of two available open source [SS7 SIGTRAN implementation for Linux besides Mobicents.[16] He published an improved version of Stanford DNS server, adding multithreading capability and NAPTR support that provide turn key solution for Enum Numbering Queries.[17] He is also a volunteer[18] of NTP pool, an open Network Time Initiative donating two servers (London and Belgrade).[19] Stefan is also member[20] of Educause, a nonprofit association for improving education, representing University College of Engineering, Osmania University as Research Director.

Political career

On November 9,[21] he held a constitution of Serbian Left political wing – forming a political party Srpska Levica. The organization shows some growth and announces to enter parliamentary elections in Serbia 2017. According to organization, the very first law to be formed is related to media, making it obligatory to produce at least 80% of educational content with the motto "Only educated man is a free man".[22] Organization formed an allied partnership with Transhumanist Party of the USA.[23]

Musical career

Ćertić has been active multiple times as a Guitar Player, Musical artist and author. Although he describes himself as a hobbyist musician[24] EP album published in 2017. for IM France,[25] under name FusionWorks, achieved good reviews within independent alternative music magazines.[26] Most significant might be a performance at Exit Festival.[27]

External links

  • Official website


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