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Surrogates is a 2009 film starring Bruce Willis and Rosamund Pike.[1]


Set in a futuristic society where humans interact with the world via the use of mechanical humanoid robots, called Surrogates. The advent of which has led to many things such as injury and pain are no longer a regular occurrence. Less fear has also resulted in more adventurous lifestyles, and crime is at an all time low.

After many years without a murder, Greer (Bruce Willis) is tasked with solving one. A man has been killed outside of a nightclub, we soon discover this has also led to the death of the person operating the surrogate, something which is not meant to happen due to built in fail safes.

Greer has to find out how the person was murdered and also why.

In order to find out who's behind the murder, Greer has to leave his surrogate and enter the world without its protection.

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